When you ask a child to draw a house, most of the time you will get a very familiar image.

The drawing usually starts with a triangle roof with two lines that extend downward to form the outside walls of the structure. A rectangular door is positioned in the center of those two walls with a couple of squares on each side for windows. Then comes the chimney, a row of flowers under each window, a tree, maybe some birds and butterflies, and don’t forget that big yellow sun. No matter what personal touches are included in the drawing, it’s always a beautiful home.

What if you ask that same child to draw the inside of the house? What elements would be part of that drawing? If only the drawing of the inside of every home could be the same, a beautiful image of love and happiness.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Every day we interact with people that have a beautiful house on the outside with a not so beautiful inside. May we have the love and compassion to send up the prayer for each person we meet…“God bless this house”.